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Lagos, Nigeria is building a unified health tech ecosystem for Africa with an open network of API ‘connectors’ & multiple SaaS products which empowers stakeholders across the industry, towards a more resilient healthcare system.

Unlike other health tech players attempting to consolidate all healthcare providers under one EMR product, MediSpark is building a suite of API connectors so providers can still connect to the multiple products in their ecosystem regardless of what base EMR they’re using. This allows MediSpark to unify Africa’s notoriously fragmented healthcare industry much faster.

Playing in a $2b+ market for African health tech with more than 163,342 healthcare facilities in Africa, Medispark is run by two experienced founders who have been in the space for a while;

1. Ugo Nwokoro, CEO – From a family that’s been in the healthcare business for 2 generations; running hospitals, labs and pharmacies. He built business processes as an early team member at BigChange, a B2B startup now valued at $140m.

2. Gbenga Oyeniyi, CTO – 10+ years coding experience. Founded and built PrtalsNG in 2016, a learning platform that was live in 3 universities. Founded Code2DFuture in 2015, a code training program for teens that enrolled 3,500+ students.