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Lagos, Nigeria

Open Date 2020/11/30 12:00:AM
Investor Memo is the twilio of Africa. We help mostly fintech businesses across Africa use messaging channels to engage, verify and authenticate customer transactions

We are capable of delivering verification and user-based notifications across Africa and the middle-east which comprise up to a billion people.

1. Save cost by detecting ported numbers, restricted contacts and network changes before sending otp messages.
2. Send cross-channel messages to both verify and authenticate customer transactions.
3. Access 90% message deliverability that guarantees delivery of OTPs & Notifications as compared to competitors (Africa's talking, clickatell & twilio) who have just 50% in core cities across Africa
4. Integrate communication APIs into third-party applications in less than 60 minutes using pre-installed configurations.

We currently offer the best and most efficient messaging solution in the industry through the following features;
1. Token - A tool that allows businesses generate one-time passwords to verify customer identity and transactions across multiple messaging channels
2. Switch - A solution that delivers messages effectively by automatically routing them to the most active and available channels using a robust rules engine.
3. Insight - A tool designed to help businesses save cost by retrieving customers' number service information and mobile network status before sending messages.

We play in a $3.6B Market growing 6% annually and processing over 337 Million B2C messages daily. Our focus is mostly on fintech, healthtech, edutech and logistics companies serving both urban and last mile customers. So far we have processed message transactions to over 1.5 Million Africans.

1. Gbolade Emmanuel (CEO & Co-Founder); A Lagos Business school Alumnus who worked previously as CTO of Nigeria’s first DTC female shoe startup ( and Former C.O.O of a Belgium-based Accounting tech startup (
2. Ayomide Awe (CTO & Co-Founder); A C.S graduate of University of Lagos who worked previously as an engineer at Reliance HMO a Y Combinator Alumni (Winter Batch 17)

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