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Nairobi, Kenya

Open Date 2021/09/13 12:00:AM
Investor Memo helps African businesses succussed by saving money. Our products enable African businesses eliminate wasteful & fraudulent spending and give them cashflow credit.

Problem, Unfair Advantage & Competition 

80% of African businesses go out of businesses because of wasteful & fraudulent spending fueled with a lack of cashflow credit.

Our unfair advantage is as below.

  1. A first mover advantage in the Market
  2. A proprietary solution that provides visibility and accountability
  3. A highly experienced team in business development, technology building and payments
  4. A strategic GTM plan

The Solution

  1. Accountability: The business through our spend management solution can set controls on the cards issued to ensure spending is fully controlled.
  2. Visibility: Through our spend management platform the administrators/accountants are given full visibility on the company spend for every employee.
  3. Credit: Based on the spending pattern a business will access credit to enable them to manage their cashflow spend.

Market Opportunity 

With an estimated 80% of sub-Saharan businesses failing to succussed due to the 300 billion market gap in spend management and credit access, we are poised to capture a 10% market share in this space within a conservative 5 year timeline.


  1. Davis Nyamari (CEO & Co-Founder); Worked previously the CEO of Solitude Care LLC
  2. Solomon Maithya (CTO & Co-Founder); Worked previously as Software engineer at Softwares Technologies LTD
  3. Washington Okungu (CPO & Co-Founder); Worked previously as Head of Cards at Standard Chartered Bank.

Investor Updates

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