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Founder FAQs

Aidi is a community-driven venture support platform that accelerates the growth of startup companies. Founders on Aidi are given access to apply for a 4-week accelerator where they get access to discounted services curated to help accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Simply signup and secure your account. Then book a 15 minutes call session via your dashboard to begin our process. Once you pass our KYC review stage, Aidi's operations team will onboard you and reach out for more information on your company.

All verified members of Aidi are eligible to apply for Aidi's founder perks directly on their dashboard. These perks include; IBM cloud credits, AWS cloud credits, and Digital Ocean cloud credits. Our team, will review your application to check if you meet the minimum criteria required to access Aidi's founders perks before giving you access.

Our venture accelerator runs every quarter. Only verified founders would be considered for Aidi's venture accelerator. Once you apply from your account, we would schedule a 15-min call with your team to run some quick due diligence before notifying you of your application's status.