View FAQ for answers to questions you have as a founder or business angel

Founder FAQs

Aidi is a community-based platform that connects business angels and large corporates to amazing technology founders across Africa. Founders on Aidi are given access to apply for a 4-week accelerator where they get access to discounted service and equity-based perks designed to help accelerate their growth.

Simply signup and secure your account. Once you pass our KYC stage, your account would be approved or Aidi's operations team will reach out for more information on your company. After approval, you would have access to our founders perks, paid services and even option to access working capital of up to $50k through our virtual Accelerator.

All verified members of Aidi are eligible to apply for both angel and corporate perks directly on their Aidi dashboard. These perks include; IBM cloud credits, AWS cloud credits, Digital Ocean cloud credits as well as equity-based perks etc. Our team, will review your application to check if you meet the minimum criteria required to access Aidi's founders perks before giving you access.

Our venture accelerator runs every quarter. Only verified founders would be considered for Aidi's venture accelerator. Once you apply from your account, we would schedule a 15-min call with your team to run some quick due diligence before notifying you of your application's status.

Business Angel FAQs

To become an angel partner, you would need to be a verified member on Aidi's community based platform. After verification, our team would reach out to send you a welcome package and guide you on how to effectively support founders within our community.

There are two unique ways business angels can support founders on Aidi which include direct equity exchange and offering of perks or discount services. However, it's important to mention that all angel commitments to founders involve risks, including possible loss of resources, so only support founders you are convinced about.

Aidi does not provide investment advice, hence, individual business angels should make their own decisions or seek independent advice when offering support to founders.