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We power financial growth
for Africans

While running private businesses as well as engaging professionals and global brands, our partners were constantly engaged by other African friends and colleagues who needed support figuring out complex aspects of their financial situations such as investing, running viable businesses, as well as developing efficient business models.

This gave birth to Aidi which was formed to help the next generation of Africans access services and resources needed to be financially responsible and grow their wealth globally.

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We’re proud to work with strategic partners

We're proudly


Invested in fintech and sass technology companies by Aidi capital partners


Raised by Aidi companies from global funds like A16z, Insight Partners, and Y Combinator


In combined equity value across all companies active and alive on Aidi


Offer Africans private management services.

Growing a wealth in Africa can be complex and very stressful. As Africans ourselves we got it wrong in the past. And we don’t want you to.

Join hundreds of Africans on Aidi who are growing wealth and building successful businesses across emerging markets and sectors