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Lagos, Nigeria

Convoy ( enables businesses to get started with delivering webhooks products in the space of minutes, along with a number of carefully thought out features to truly enable/enhance your webhooks delivery at scale. Convoy offers companies the ability to;

1. Create secrets, sign payload and verify events. Increasing security by enabling rolling secrets.
2. Easily filter & debug events sent to multiple applications & endpoints with Delivery Attempt Logs
3. Deploy to any environment and send events from any language (Ruby, Golang, JavaScript etc)
4. Avoid blasting too many events to a single endpoint at once with flexible rate-limiting controls
5. Independently scale Convoy as system needs grow.

Arguably the first of its kind in Africa and a very needed product at this height of Africa’s tech boom. The company is helping other companies manage their API traffic efficiently and is already doing that efficiently. In 2021 they got accepted into Y Combinator’s W22 batch and went on to raise a pre-seed round of $473,000.