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Abuja, Nigeria

Messenger ( is an all in one logistics platform that aggregates end to end logistics and supply chain operations to help businesses, logistics asset owners to achieve an efficient supply chain framework. The platform allows businesses and individuals to connect with logistics assets on demand and in real time to guarantee the fastest delivery timeline at competitive rates.

Why is this an opportunity not to be missed?

As a result of poor infrastructure in Africa there is a highly fragmented supply chain network leading to expensive logistics for manufacturers, retailers, ecommerce businesses and individuals. The cost of owning and managing the assets is another contributing factor for the high cost of logistics. Also, there is usually a mismatch between organizations seeking logistics services and numerous logistics asset owners seeking patronage and recurring revenue for their assets. This leads to inefficiencies such as long wait times between securing logistics and goods reaching the final consumer. 

1. Aggregated Single Platform: They offer warehousing, order processing and last mile deliveries whilst providing an aggregated supply of logistics assets.

2. Asset Financing: Through messenger, Independent drivers and 3PL companies may access financing to increase their asset size to serve a growing consumer class with readily available assets on the go.

3. Improved Supply Chain Visibility and Security: Tracking for goods in transit and insurance per trip available to safeguard goods. Adequately trained personnel onboarded on the Messenger platform.

What does Messenger Offer?

1. Amanda Etuk (CEO); Amanda has a decade experience in Sales Management, Marketing and Supply chain & logistics. Previously led the logistics team at 54gene.

2. Essien Etuk (COO); Essien holds a BEng. Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree from Covenant University. He is an Engineer turn Logistician and business strategist. Previously worked at Jumia.