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Lagos, Nigeria provides working capital for mobile money agents using a social accountability credit system. Their platform uniquely groups agents into clusters and builds a credit score system that is tied to each member's performance within such clusters making agents accountable to each other.

With the rise of agent banking platforms competing for market share, agents are left to fend for themselves and source constant liquidity or lose access to their preferred bank POS as well as trust with customers when cash requests are denied.

With an interest rate of 1.5% per week on each credit line, Moni aims to play actively in a $4.2B Market that keeps growing with a market transaction CAP of well above $31.9b with over 200,000 agents within Nigeria alone. 

The moni team consists of experienced professionals;

1. Femi Iromini(CEO & Co-Founder); Worked previously as a program manager at World Bank Group with focus on financial inclusion. Analyst Axa Venture Partners, Goldman Sachs

2. Dapo Sobayo (CTO & Co-Founder); Worked previously as the Head of Risk (Technology), Zedvance. Led Risk and Digital Transformation at SEL Capital.