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Nairobi, Kenya

Raise ( is building the NASDAQ for emerging markets. By 2025, half of the global economy will be in Africa, Asia and Latin America, generating $30 trillion USD worth of investment opportunities in private companies.

Today, the company's first market focus is African venture capital, with a product focus on early-stage founders raising pre-seed to Series C rounds. African VC has been growing 83% YoY, last year founders raised $2b USD, there are over 14,000 startups, 700 corporate law firms & 451 funds & accelerators.

Backed by Carta (the top equity management platform in the US), raise builds & structure deals for African companies. They're the premier & trusted cap table software built in Africa and get first access to cap tables across the continent that vary in size from 2-40 shareholders for companies raising $250k to $1.5m in Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa.

Founders & other team members include;

1. Eugene Mutai; CTO
2. Tina Nyamache; CGO
3. Marvin H. Coleby; CEO