Our Pricing

Works well for any business
Whether you’re early or in your growth phase


Founder Session

6-weeks one-on-one session with successful angels and founders on running and scaling your business.
900 fee (One-time)

Flip Agents

Certified lawyers to help you switch your local LLC to a delware C-Corp to make fundraising easier
800 fee

Tax Attorney

Registered professionals with years of experience to help ensure your company is in good standing with the regulators.
800 fee

Registered Agents

Certified lawyers to help ensure your company is in good standing with the regulators.
50 fee

Mailing Address

Address that allows your business file and receive official documents in Nigeria or the US
5-10 interest per annum

Debt Raise

Access non-dilutive capital from our capital partners, extend your runway and keep your equity.
2.5 fee per transaction

Equity Raise

Raising your seed or series A round? Connect with founder friendly investors within the industry
6000 fee

Growth Session

Access agile-structured course that addresses issues startup teams encounter when scaling.
3-9 return per annum

Fixed Asset

Plan your idle cash and invest in selected low-risk fixed assets managed by Bamboo
Over 100 return

Private Fund

Invest in long-term equity deals via our private syndicate fund managed by Sydecar LLC

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Aidi has three distinct products with each having its own fee. These include; Access (onetime fee), Scale (monthly or annual fee) and Wealth (fixed amount based on individual engagements and the performance of private assets).

Aidi fees are assessed and billed at the beginning of each service engagement while at the end for each capital raise engagement. For example: Tax or Incorporation services are charged upfront at $800 per engagement based on the volume of work while a flat 2.5% is charged on private capital raises after disbursement has occured. The fee will first be billed to the wallet reserves but if not enough cash is available, this fee will instead be charged to any card added to your account.

Aidi charges other fees for private advisory sessions like growth and wealth management sessions based on individual engagements. Also our third-party payment and banking providers, charge transaction fees when any payment is made through our system. Other fees we charge are the interest fees we charge when businesses subscribe to our venture debt services.

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