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Led by a group of founder-focused angels, Aidi Africa is a business management and community-based platform vested in accelerating the growth of startup companies. 

Aidi Africa helps African tech founders access support services and working capital from a network of business angels and large corporates. 

We support verified pre-seed and seed stage founders. Founders who meet our criteria are given access to benefits which include; services tailored to their specific business needs, $5k in software credits, specific trainings and access to one-on-one consultations. 


How does Aidi Africa operate?

We connect business angels to a pool of amazing tech founders who have gone through our accelerator program. Founders then get access to direct angel capital alongside other amazing perks


What is Aidi Africa’s accelerator program and how can I apply?

Aidi Africa’s accelerator program is a 4-week intensive virtual accelerator for founders who are looking to position themselves to a global audience. Founders who are selected undergo training on product review and pivoting, product-market fit, culture and scaling fundraising and investor demo. All sessions are taken by product experts by partner organizations like Amazon, Access bank, Digital ocean etc. Founders who complete their program get access to working capital, startup credits, Delaware flip, office hours with active African angels as well as partnerships with global firms on a case-by-case basis. 

The accelerator program runs twice a year during summer and winter. To get started, create an account on the Aidi community-based platform, apply for the program from your account and go through our first 15-minute introductory call. Application status is shared after this call. 

The accelerator program can be summed up in 4 steps - Admission review and selection, 4-week accelerator program upon acceptance, pre-demo and compliance review and funding/ partnerships. 


Must I go through the accelerator program to get funding?

Yes, this is a requirement as part of our funding process involves going through our accelerator program. 


How can I become an Angel Partner?

Individuals who are citizens or residents of the US or any EMEA country passionate about supporting founders can apply to become angel partners through our community-based platform. After verification, the team will reach out to guide you on how to effectively support founders within the community. Business angels can support founders through direct equity exchange, syndicate investment and offering of perks and discount services. 

We are particular about people who are willing to support and mentor founders and are interested in aiding founders with less than $50k of personal funds per startup. 


As an angel partner will I get guaranteed ROI on my support capital?

Aidi does not provide investment advice hence angel partners are encouraged to seek independent advice. The value of individual investments can increase as the company grows or raises additional capital annually. However, Aidi angels can choose to transfer their positions in invested startups to another angel with the approval of the startup management when a priced equity round is announced. 

In cases of major liquidity events like mergers and acquisitions, all angel positions are of utmost priority alongside any upside based on the discretion of startup management. 


Are there other services Aidi offers to founders who are not a part of their portfolio?

Founders who are not a part of Aidi’s portfolio can join the Aidi community created to foster support and strengthen partnership and cross-sharing of knowledge and experiences amongst African founders.  Other services offered by Aidi include the Aidi Venture Flip. 

The venture flip is a three-step process employed to ensure compliance of startup companies in both Nigeria and the US. The process typically takes between 1 and 3 months. It involves share transfer which costs $99, US Fillings/ incorporation which costs $399 and a free bank account set up in partnership with Brex and Mercury with access to a $3000 credit card limit


How do I join the Founder community?

To become a part of our active and vibrant community, sign up here


How do I get started/sign up?

To get access to all the perks offered to startup founders, please signup using this link